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Shayar & Krooshal Force
Genre: Reggae

Beckley, West Virginia, USA




Jamaican-born singer-songwriter Shayar leads the reggae band Krooshal Force. Shayar’s bands played in Jamaica in the 80s. As a rhythm guitarist, he has toured the Carribean, the U.S. and Europe with Burning Spear, Gregory Isaacs, the Itals and Anthony B. Shayar has played in studio sessions with the Mighty Diamonds, Freddie McGregor, Leroy Sibbles and many others.His original compositions drive Krooshal Force, which he founded in the 80s and which has toured the US coast to coast, and Italy. Since the 90s, Shayar and his band have been based in Beckley, WV.  The Mountain State’s musical heritage influenced the latest album, Get Up and Try, which was released in October 2009.


Sets are an hour to an hour and a half long,
and a typical performance includes two sets
of mostly original music, with some standard
reggae covers, depending on the venue.

A set of original music would include songs such as:
Booming Ride / Rubber Necking
The King and I
Whole Heap A Things A Gwan
Mend Some Fences Real Thing
Culture In The Dance
Real Thing
Living, Loving


Guitar and lead vocals
Keyborad and harmonies

Basic Sound Requirements

Minimum stage dimensions are about 12 feet by 15 feet.

Eight mics minimum—two for vocals; four for drums / percussion; one for guitar amp; one DI line for bass. Need five boom mics and the other three straight.

We carry our own guitar or bass amps.

PA system/ mixing console –need 16 track with multiple busses. Prefer to have compressors, equalizers, delays and reverbs.

Need four stage monitors.

We rely on the venue for lighting.

We prefer to have a sound technician and we prefer a stagehand to help load in and out. An exclusive backstage area or dressing room for the band and backstage hospitality are always appreciated.

Accommodations for four are preferred; depends on the distance traveled.


Band: Ozone
Album: First Edition Ozone
Label: Independent
1979, Montego Bay, JA

Band: Shayar & Crucial Force
Album: Spread Out
Label: Independent
1987, Brooklyn, NY

Band: Shayar & Krooshal Force
Album: Show Me The Real Thing
Label: SMG
1996, Brooklyn, NY

Band: Shayar & Krooshal Force
Album: The King and I
Label: Independent
2003, Beckley, WV

Band: Shayar & Krooshal Force
Album: Spiritual Warrior
Label: Unknown Souljah
2004, Wilmington, NC

Band: Shayar
Album: Get Up and Try
Label: Conch Shell Productions
2009, Beckley, WV

Band: Shayar
Album: Give Your Love
Label: Conch Shell Productions
2011, Beckley, WV

Shayar also has layed rhythm guitar for albums recorded by Burning Spear, Anthony B and Abeng:

Burning Spear: Mek We Dweet – 1990
Burning Spear: Jah Kingdom – 1992
Burning Spear: The World Should Know – 1993
Burning Spear: Love And Peace-BS Live – 1994
Burning Spear: Rasta Business – 1995
Burning Spear: Chant Down Babylon: The Island Anthology – 1996
Burning Spear: Appointment With His Majesty – 1997
Burning Spear: Living Dub, Vol 4 – 1999
Burning Spear: Ultimate Collection – 2001

Various Artists Deadicated: A Tribute To Greatful Dead – 1991 (Burning Spear)

Abeng: Unconquerebel– 1989

Anthony B: Live on Battlefield – 2003

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