New Release: The Front Line. Original Reggae from Ras Shayar

Check out my latest release over on Soundcloud, here. You can also find it on YouTube.

This song came to me early 2017. While checking the news and social media, I realized that a lot of brothers and sisters were being killed on the streets of America. It seems like a quiet war to me. This title popped into my head: We are on the FRONT LINE.

I recorded the demo in Norway in my personal studio and really liked it. In the summer of 2017, I went home to the USA and invited two of my singer/songwriter friends to join me on the song. The project came alive as the lyrics and sentiment really moved us. I am thankful to Lady D and DJ Freeman for adding their touches to the song.  

Thanks to Rasta Rick at Nazerite4Life for final mix engineering, and thanks to Dan Bailey Studio, Beckley, WV for pre-production.

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