Both music and art have been central to Shayar’s life. He is compelled to paint.

“There is something in me that requires me to paint,” Shayar says. “I always seem to be taken aback by light, shadows and unusual scenes of nature.

“Most of my time as a child was spent in the library reading every art and music book I could find. The library was next to the primary school, which I attended in Ocho Rios (in Jamaica).

“A water color was my first real piece of art. It was my aunt who thought I could draw well, and encouraged me to continue. From then, I never stopped. Any paint I could get my hands on was used to paint on wood, paper, any surface I could find.”

Today, Shayar primarily paints in oil.

Studio B Galleries and Gifts in Fayetteville, WV has an extensive collection of Shayar’s oil paintings available for purchase.

Shayar was an artist-in-residence at the Soldiers Memorial Theatre and Arts Center in Beckley, WV from 1997 to July 31, 2010, when the program closed.

His artwork work was on exhibit in October, 2009 at the Heritage Towers Museum, in Charleston, WV.

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